Our story

Why we’re here

There’s a moment during each move when our customers realize everything is going to go well. They relax, smile more, start thinking about dinner. We exist to get people to that moment of relief and satisfaction, that moment when they know they’re home.


Move’s History

Move, founded by Kellen Grantham in the late months of 2017, was first constructed to be a simple, furniture delivery “side-hustle” but has since grown into a full-scale moving operation. 

To keep up with demand, Move has introduced an app based software which not only streamlines the move-day process but also ensures customers are matched with the most-qualified movers in their area.

Ready to move?

We understand that every move is unique, which is why you have the ability to tailor your services to best fit your needs.

Unpack your moving needs.

Moving can get heavy. We keep it light.



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