Organizing Furniture – Make Moving Large Items Easier

Organizing your larger items properly can help make your move easier!

  1. Remove clothing drawers and cover them with plastic wrap. This will make chests lighter and save you time from having to reorganize your items when unpacking.
  2. Disassemble furniture that will be too large to fit through doorways, down staircases, or inside elevators.

Prepare appliances and electronics for your move

  • Disconnect and drain all appliances
  • Take pictures of how all the cords were arranged so that you have a visual guide to set things up once everything is moved.
  • Empty your refrigerator and freezer, and then wipe everything dry. Keep the doors open overnight if possible.
  • Any unboxed electronics, such as televisions and computer monitors are vulnerable to damage, so it is always best to put them in a specialized box.

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